Beginner’s Guide to Underwear Sewing // Part One: Underwear Block & Calculating Negative Ease

Hello and welcome to the first installment of our new “Beginner’s Guide to Underwear Sewing” series, a fun collaboration with my friend Joy (@byjoymao on Instagram). In this two-part blog series, she documents and shares her experience as a beginner underwear sewer.

It’s pretty easy to get started drafting and sewing your own underwear. All you need is some basic pattern-making tools, a little fabric and trim, and a home sewing machine that can perform straight and zig zag stitches. 

What we’ll need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pattern paper (regular paper will do, ideally at least 18” x 24”)
  • Clear ruler
  • French curve
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Invisible tape
  • Scissors for cutting paper
  • Scissors or rotary cutter for cutting fabric
  • Pins and optional pattern weights (Joy uses tuna cans as pattern weights)
  • 1/2-1 yard fabric of your choice + organic cotton jersey for crotch lining (Joy uses 2 colors of organic cotton jersey)
  • 2-3 yards elastic of your choice (Joy uses ¾” fold-over elastic)
  • Thread (Joy uses Gutermann mara 120 polyester thread)
  • Sewing machine with straight stitch and zig zag capabilities, or a serger if you have it (Joy uses Bernina 1008 with straight stitch and zig zag)
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30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns That Came Out in 2019

Pattern featured here the Black Beauty Bra Pattern in View A that I made.

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Hi guys! 2020 is around the corner and I know that many people are planning their sewing resolutions! If you are someone who is thinking about making lingerie sewing one of the items on your New Year’s Resolution list, I have you covered with this handy list of 30 lingerie sewing patterns that came out in 2019.

I also did a version of this last year for 30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns That Came Out in 2018! Between those two lists, you will have a good number of patterns to pick from!

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Jordy Bralette – Materials Guide & Inspiration

Hi everyone! I’m excited that Tailor Made Shop will be the supplies sponsor for the August Edition of #SewMyStyle2019! The theme for August is Lingerie, which is a perfect fit for the shop.

About #SewMyStyle2019

#SewMyStyle2019 is a monthly sewing challenge that’s held on Instagram and Facebook. Each month, there is a specific theme and participants will make a garment that’s related to that theme. Usually there is a choice of 2-3 discounted patterns (or in some months, participants can choose their own pattern in addition to the discounted patterns!). The finished garments are all then all revealed on the same day. Prizes are also given away to make the challenge even more fun!

To learn more about #SewMyStyle2019 or Project Sew My Style in general, I encourage you to check out the following posts:

I have put together a materials list for the Jordy Bralette, one of the two selected patterns for the Lingerie themed sewing month! The other pattern is the Power Sports Bra Pattern by Greenstyle Creations.

Erin of the Emerald Erin already has a fantastic materials suggestion list published on the pattern itself, but I thought it would be fun to expound on the materials list and give you more ideas/inspirations to get more out of your Jordy Bralette pattern! In particular, I wanted to focus on the foam-lined view and its versatility! 

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Finding the Perfect Lingerie Dress Form // Part Two: PGM Lingerie Dress Form Review

PGM Lingerie Dress Form 602E Review Bra Making

Hi guys, as promised here is the review for the PGM Lingerie Dress Form that I purchased back in April. I wanted to use the form for a few months before sharing my thoughts.

If you are interested in how and why I chose this form, you can check out that post here.

If you are interested in the review of the form, read on!

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Finding the Perfect Lingerie Dress Form // Part One: Researching and Choosing a Dress Form

Finding the Perfect Lingerie Dress Form: Researching and Choosing a Dress Form

**11/9/17: Sale alert! PGM Dress Form is having a Thanksgiving sale currently. You can enjoy a 10% discount + Free Shipping (free shipping only apply to local USA continental over $100) with promo code 10percentTKS on their website.**

Hi guys! As some of you probably know, I purchased the PGM 602E Lingerie Dress Form a few months back. I have a review for that dress form coming soon, but I wanted to share with you my journey to finding a lingerie dress form before settling on the PGM form.

Everyone’s criteria for an ideal lingerie dress form differs, so I hope my research will aid you in your quest for finding the form that is perfect for your needs!

For me, I’ve been thinking of getting a lingerie dress form for photography/display purposes.  I enjoy taking flat photos of my finished lingerie projects, but I think they look better on a body or a dress form. Photographing lingerie on a body or a form gives you a better idea of the cut and style lines of a particular bra or underwear pattern. Since I’m unwilling to model my lingerie projects, the next best thing is to buy a dress form.

I will also be using the dress form for pattern reviews, because it’s useful to have a model with consistent measurements modeling all the different patterns out there.

In this post, I will cover the following topics:

  • What I’m Looking for in a Lingerie Dress Form
  • Various Dress Forms I’ve  Considered and Their Pros and Cons
  • Which Form I Ended Up Choosing and Why

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How to Sew Adjustable Bra Straps

How to Sew Adjustable Bra Straps Bra Making Tutorials

Hi guys, I’m doing a simple tutorial today: I will be covering how to sew adjustable bra straps. Sewing adjustable bra straps is fairly easy, but can be pretty confusing for a first timer. There are also many chances to make mistakes that you never even consider. When I first stared sewing bras, I had a few snafus where I threaded the strap elastic incorrectly through the slider. I would end up with the wrong side of the strap elastic facing outwards!

Technically if you are sewing your own bras, you can just cut the strap elastic to the length that fits you perfectly and leave it at that. However, overtime, the strap elastic will lose its elasticity and you will be forced to shorten the elastic when that happens. Otherwise the straps will keep slipping off your shoulder when you wear the bra. This is why it’s advantageous to make your bra straps adjustable–you can just tighten the strap elastic once the elasticity goes.

If you want to learn how to make adjustable bra straps, read on!

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50 Panties Patterns to Get You Started Sewing Your Own Underwear

50 Panties Patterns to Get you Started Sewing Your Own Underwear DIY Underwear Sew Your Own Panties

Year of the Panties?

Hi guys, it seems to be the year of the panties for me. I think I’ve reached a saturation point with the amount of bras in my wardrobe, so I will be taking a break from sewing bras for myself until I wear some of them out. I will still continue to make bra patterns that pique my interest, but those will be given away to friends and family.

For now, I’m focusing on my panties wardrobe. I don’t need a lot of variety–I’m mostly looking to sew up bikinis and maybe some hi-waisted panties.

However, if you are looking for more variety in your underwear wardrobe, I’ve got you covered! Below is a round up of 50 panties patterns in a variety of cuts and styles. I’ve broken them down into categories so you can easily locate the cut you’re looking for.

Previously, I did a round up of 5 Free Underwear Sewing Patterns on Maker Style’s blog as a guest post. If you are an absolute beginner and you find this list overwhelming, I would check that list out first.

Notes: Patterns that are free are indicated. Patterns are in U.S. Sizing unless otherwise noted.

This post contains affiliate links. 

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25 Panties Sewing Resources & Tutorials

25 panties sewing resources and tutorial to help you sew your own underwear

Hi guys! I have a confession to make. Up until this year, I’ve been pretty unexcited about sewing panties. The main reason being that buying panties that fit is not really a pain point for me. I can get perfectly cute and reasonably well-fitting underwear from aerie at $2.00 a pop when they’re on sale.

So what has changed for me?

The perfect panties pattern came along.

I’m serious. When it comes to underwear, I don’t really need a varied selection. I don’t shop for thongs or g-strings or tangas or cheekies. I’m a bikini/hipster/boy brief kind of girl through and through.

My absolute favorite cut is actually the bikini and while aerie’s bikinis come in cute prints and great colors, the rise is actually a little low on my long torso. The material quality is also a little lacking. However, these small problems haven’t been enough to get me to make more panties for myself. (Yes, I do sew a lot of panties as evident on Instagram, but they are generally gifts and not for personal wear.)

But then, Hannah of Evie la Luve released the Frankie Panties Pattern and suddenly I have the perfect bikini pattern. I can finally dig into all the printed stretch fabric that I’ve been hoarding away and turn them into bikini panties for everyday wear.

And apparently, I’m not the only one who had a panty awakening (this absolutely awesome term was coined by Erin of Emerald Erin). For the month of March, Erin of Emerald Erin is throwing a Sew Panty Party. It’s easy to participate. If you feel like you’ve been neglecting your panties wardrobe, all you have to do is sew up some panties for the month of March and hashtag your makes #sewpantyparty on Instagram. To learn more about the Sew Panty Party, check out Erin’s post here.

So are you in a panties sewing mood? Because I’ve rounded up 25  panties sewing resources and tutorials to help you make your own underwear!

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Where to Buy Stretch Lace Trim for Lingerie Sewing

Where to buy stretch lace trim narrow elastic trim for lingerie making underwear sewing

Hi guys! This year, it seems like everyone is using narrow stretch lace trim on their underwear sewing projects.

With the recent release of Evie La Luve’s new Frankie Panties Pattern and Ohhh Lulu Lingerie’s Celeste Bikini Panties Pattern, I thought it would be fitting if I did a roundup of places you can purchase narrow stretch lace trim and get cracking on those panties projects.

Note: This list consists of online shops only and not physical stores. The stores are categorized by continents and regions and listed in alphabetical order. I’ve also indicated if they ship internationally.

This post contains affiliate links.

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