Black Beauty Bra View B Sew-Along // Part Nine: Sewing – Cups into Frame

January 21, 2021

Hello and welcome Step 9 our Black Beauty Bra View B Sew-Along with Joy (@byjoymao).

Today, we’re tackling an exciting step of the process—setting the bra cups into the frame!

To set the cups into the frame, we’ll work with one side of the bra at a time.

Start with the side of your choice (I picked the wearer’s right side), and align the edge of the bra cup with the edge of the frame, like so. Pin around the wire line before you begin sewing, to help stabilize the curve.

Sew along the wire line at a ¼” seam allowance.

Ta-da! Pretty straightforward, right? Here’s what it looks like from the right side:

Now for the other side!

To help ensure that the bra cups match up at center front, start pinning the second cup at center front. Make sure that the low point of the scalloped edge of the lace lines up with the seam line along the wire line the same way it does for the first cup.

Pin all around the curve, and sew at a ¼” seam allowance.

And there she is! My bra is starting to look like a bra!

Final Thoughts

The fabric pieces of the bra are now sewn together, and in the next step, we’ll give our bra some structure by adding the channeling and elastics!

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