30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns That Came Out in 2020

December 31, 2020
The pattern featured here is the AFI Exquisite Bra that I made in an Off-White/Ice Blue Embroidered Tulle Lace.

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Hi guys! It’s that time of the year again, when a new year is around the corner and people are making their resolutions. If you are thinking about making lingerie sewing one of the items on your New Year’s Resolution list, I have you covered with this handy list of 30 lingerie sewing patterns that came out in 2020.

2020 has been a most unusual year, but I want to thank all these lovely pattern designers for keeping us creative with their lingerie sewing pattern releases.

I did a version of this in 2019 and 2018, so between these three lists, you will have a good number of patterns to pick from.

If you are a seasoned lingerie sewer and are looking for new patterns to try out, this list is for you as well.

I’ve rounded up 20 bra sewing patterns and 10 underwear sewing patterns. Of course, more than 30 lingerie sewing patterns were released in 2020, but this post is incredibly picture heavy so I thought it would be wise to limit the number of patterns in this post. The patterns are listed in alphabetical order by pattern name.

20 Bra Sewing Patterns That Came out in 2020

Here is a roundup of 20 bra sewing patterns that came out in 2020! There’s a good mix of sports bras, underwire bras, and soft bra styles.

25K Bra by Rad Patterns

The 25K Bra is a lounge bra designed for comfort. Note: The pattern is free if you are a member of their Facebook Group.

Sizes Available: XXS – 6X

You can get the 25K Bralette Pattern here.

Adrian Bra that I made using a Black & Blue Embroidered Tulle Lace.

Adrian Bra by Queen of Suburbia

This is Queen of Suburbia’s first bra pattern release and I’m already looking forward to future ones!

As per the pattern designer: The Adrian underwired bra pattern features a halfcup cut and a leotard back. It’s a modern take on the classic halfcup and is more suited for everyday. It comes with two options, a padded version and a non-padded version. This bra can be made opaque or sheer, and with both stretch and non-stretch lace, silks, meshes, narrow lace trims, etc.

Sizes Available: 28 D-G, 30 C-FF, 32 B-F, 34 A-E, 36 A-DD, 38 A-D, 40 A-C

You can purchase the Adrian Bra Pattern here.

AFI Exquisite Bra with elastic-covered seams that I made.

AFI Exquisite Bra by AFI Atelier

As the name indicates, the AFI Exquisite Bra is quite exquisite! This is a well drafted pattern with clearly written and illustrated instructions.

I actually love vertical seam cup styles so I’m quite fond of this pattern. This pattern is broken into four size ranges.

Sizes Available: 28-38 A-E, 28-38 E-I, 38-48 A-E, 38-48 E-I

You can purchase the AFI Exquisite Bra in sizes 28-38 A-E here.

You can purchase the AFI Exquisite Bra in sizes 28-38 E-I here.

You can purchase the AFI Exquisite Bra in sizes 38-48 A-E here.

You can purchase the AFI Exquisite Bra in sizes 38-48 E-I here.

Ariel Bra Cups by Porcelynne Supplies

The Ariel Bra Cups are part of Porcelynne Supplies’ unique pattern offering where she has a few basic bra band patterns (drafted for various wire styles such) that can be mixed and matched with various bra cup patterns. The Ariel Bra Cups Pattern work with their Eve Classic Bra Bands for Demi Wires.

Sizes Available: 28-52 A-G cups, H to J cups available for select band sizes

You can purchase the Ariel Bra Cups Pattern here.

Barbary Bralette by Sew Projects

The Barbary Bralette is a comfy pullover soft bra pattern. As per the pattern designer: Barbary features a lined stretch bralette cup and back band, with underband and adjustable shoulder straps. There are 2 different pattern versions with 4 different variations; 1. Classic Barbary crop bralette 2. Keyhole feature 3. Stretch lace neckline and 4. A shoulder strap variation.

Sizes Available: 28-42 AA-E

You can purchase the Barbary Bralette Pattern here.

Bridget Bra by Bra and Bee

The Bridget Bra Pattern is designed to show off lace. It features a 3-piece cup and a lace edge along the band. Please note this pattern is in German.

Sizes Available: 70-80A-J, 85A-I, 90A-H

You can purchase the Bridget Bra Pattern here.

Classic Sports Bra by Patterns for Pirates

The Classic Sports Bra Pattern is a versatile pattern that features several options including racerback, straight straps, full back, hook and eye closure, and removable cups

Sizes Available: XXS-Plus 5X

You can purchase the Classic Sports Bra Pattern here.

Coco Sports Bra by Jalie

The Jalie 4014 Coco Sports Bra is a fully-lined modern sports bra with two back options: racerback or crossback. Girl and Women’s sizes are both included in the same pattern.

Sizes Available: 2-24 (fits chests 33″-51″)

You can purchase the Coco Sports Bra Pattern (Jalie 4014) here.

Delvine Bralette by Primrose Dawn Designs

The Delvine Bralette features a high neck and bust darts. As per the pattern designer: Six front style options include a keyhole opening and four different lace overlays. Back options include a full-coverage princess-seam band with lace, straight back band with strap attachments, and a halter back.

Sizes Available: Fits chests 31″-47″

You can purchase the Delvine Bralette Pattern here.

Embrace Sports Bra by Greenstyle Creations

The Embrace Sports Bra comes with several front and back options that allow for a number of style options. Front options include: Color Blocked or Solid Front, No Dart, Underbust Dart, Full Bust Adjustment. Back options include: Layered Back, Single Racerback, Single U Back, Keyhole or no Keyhole.

Sizes Available: B-M (fits chests 30″-61″)

You can purchase the Embrace Sports Bra Pattern here.

Epervier Bralette by Small Bobbins

I quite like the style lines of the Epervier Bralette! As per the pattern designer: The Epervier bralette is a comfortable and modern v-neck bralette that comes with two different back pieces. With its unique seamlines and optional undercup piece, it provides countless design opportunities to make a garment that reflects your own style. Underbust shaping gives gentle shaping and lift, and wide band elastic provides comfort and support.

Sizes Available: 28AA-42G

You can purchase the Epervier Bralette Pattern here.

Forme Bralette by Bratobe

The Forme Bralette is a bralette pattern that is drafted for size you! The pattern copy you will receive is drafted according to your measurements. This means every pattern is unique to the individual who purchases it.

Sizes Available: You!

You can purchase the Forme Bralette Pattern here.

Grace Bra by Annie and Myras

This is Annie and Myras’ first lingerie pattern release! As per the pattern designer: Elegant, stylish , with just a dash of whimsy, the Grace Bra was designed for women with generous lower cup volume, a small back breadth and less fullness in the upper cup volume horizontally.

Sizes Available: 32A-40F

You can purchase the Grace Bra Pattern here.

Lanai Wireless Bra by LilyPADesigns

The Lanai is a supportive wire-free bra style with instructions for optional internal sling, cross cradle, lace straps and more.

Sizes Available: A-DD Cups, DD-GG Cups

You can purchase the Lanai Wireless Bra Pattern in cups AA-DD here.

You can purchase the Lanai Wireless Bra Pattern in Cups DD-GG here.

Luccia Bra by Idonim Lingerie

This is a three-piece cup pattern that features scallop lace edge for the upper cup. The pattern is available in French and English.

Sizes Available: 85-115 A-D Cups

You can can purchase the Luccia Bra Pattern here.

Olivia Bralette by Designer Stitch

The Olivia is actually a bralette and underwear pattern combo. The bralette itself is a longline style with front seamed panels.

Sizes Available: B, C, D, DD (E), F Cups

You can purchase the Olivia Bralette and Panties Pattern here.

Sew Comfy Bra by Make Bra

As per the pattern designer: The Sew Comfy Bra is a full coverage style underwire bra, engineered to be smoothing and natural. The cup’s design brings out a beautiful, round and forward-facing shape.

This bra is designed for fabric with good stretch like Lycra or Spandex. When using fabric with these properties, you’ll get the most comfortable bra without compromising on support.

Sizes Available: 26C-26I, 28B-28I, 30A-30I, 32AA-32I, 34AA-34H, 36AA-36G, 38AA-38F, 40AA-40DD, 42AA-42D, 44AA-44C

You can purchase the Sew Comfy Bra Pattern here.

Sports Bra Pattern by Rebecca Page

A full coverage sports bra pattern with shaped cups. This is one of the few sports bra pattern in the market designed with the option of including underwires.

Sizes Available: 28AA-48M

You can purchase the Sports Bra Pattern by Rebecca Page here.

WBM Bralette by Wardrobe by Me

As per the pattern designer: WBM Bralette sewing pattern is a fully lined Softline bralette with adjustable straps and a two-part cup, and the underbust is supported by a wide elastic band or a fabric band if you prefer. The Bralette is super comfortable without compromising the support. 

Sizes Available: XS-3XL

You can purchase the WBM Bralette Pattern here.

10 Underwear Sewing Patterns That Came out in 2020

Here is a roundup of 10 underwear sewing patterns that came out in 2020. There’s a good mix of different rises and leg cuts for various level of coverage.

Ampersand Undies by Garala Studio

The Ampersand Undies are a high-waisted pantie style with an interesting geometric detail along the side seam. The back is drafted for cheeky coverage.

Sizes Available: 1-10 (fits hips 32″-58.5″)

You can purchase the Ampersand Undies Pattern in English here.

You can purchase the Ampersand Undies Pattern in Spanish here.

Classic Modern Thong by At First Blush Patterns

The Classic Modern Thong comes in three versions and is designed for the everyday thong wearer.

Sizes Available: XXS-XXXL

You can purchase the Classic Modern Thong Pattern here.

Classic Panties Pattern by Treasurie Sewing Patterns

The Classic Panties Pattern were released by a new-to-me pattern company! As per the pattern designer: This classic briefs pattern has a high waist and high leg for the ultimate in coverage and comfort. Great for wearing under fitted clothing where you want a smooth silhouette around the middle.  

Sizes Available: XXS-3XL

You can purchase the Classic Panties Pattern here.

Éternité Panties by Etoffee Malicieuse

Check out the Éternité Panties Pattern if you’ve been wanting to make your own period panties! Please note that the pattern is in French.

Sizes Available: 32-50

You can purchase the Éternité Panties Pattern here.

Eva Panties by Studio Costura Shop

Eva Panties in Version 3 that I made using stretch mesh for the knit panels.

The Eva Panties is a high waist panties style with a comfortable bikini cut at the leg openings. There are four views available for the pattern–my favorite is the knit panel one (Version 3).

Sizes Available: 34-46

You can purchase the Eva Panties Pattern in English here.

You can purchase the Eva Panties Pattern in Spanish here.

Forget-Me-Not Panty Pattern by The Lingerie Formula

This is actually a three-in-one panty and garter belt pattern. The pattern includes a garter belt, a thong, and cheeky cut panty pattern with fun strappy detail.

Sizes Included: Not availabe on the site

You can purchase the Forget-Me-Not Panty Pattern here.

Kapunda Undies by Muna and Broad

The Kapunda Undies are a high rise style that is specifically drafted for larger bodies. The pattern has three views and features a fully enclosed gusset.

Sizes Available: A-M (fits 41.5″-71.5″ hip)

You can purchase the Kapunda Undies Pattern here.

Monika Panties by Klaudia Prusinka

This is a free mid-rise underwear pattern. Please note the pattern is in Polish.

Sizes Available: XS-XXXL

You can get the Monika Panties Pattern here.

Sabrina Shorties by Made for Mermaids

The Sabrina Shorties are a fun boyshort style with lots of options. As per the pattern designer: They are QUICK to sew with lots of finishing options so you can use what you have on hand. There is no front or back seam and the crotch is fully enclosed for a very COMFORTABLE fit! 

Choose from low, mid or high rise. Several waistband options to choose from too: knit waistband, enclosed elastic knit waistband, lace waist or use waistband elastic for an exposed elastic waist. Finish the leg line with knit bands, lace or picot elastic

Sizes Available: Fits hips 34″-64″

You can purchase the Sabrina Shorties Pattern here.

Selene Thong by House Morrighan

As per the pattern designer, the Selene Thong is designed to be made from stretch knits only. It features 2 waist and leg rise options and an enclosed gusset.

Sizes Available: 2-30

You can purchase the Selene Thong Pattern here.

Final Notes

There you have it! 30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns that came out in 2020. We really are spoiled for choice with the number of pattern offerings available these days.

If you are a beginner lingerie sewist and find this list overwhelming, I would suggest checking out this short and sweet list of Five Free Underwear Sewing Patterns that I wrote as a guest post on Maker Style’s blog.

Hungry for more lingerie sewing patterns? Check out these other lists of lingerie patterns that I have compiled:

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