30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns That Came Out in 2019

December 24, 2019
Pattern featured here the Black Beauty Bra Pattern in View A that I made.

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Hi guys! 2020 is around the corner and I know that many people are planning their sewing resolutions! If you are someone who is thinking about making lingerie sewing one of the items on your New Year’s Resolution list, I have you covered with this handy list of 30 lingerie sewing patterns that came out in 2019.

I also did a version of this last year for 30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns That Came Out in 2018! Between those two lists, you will have a good number of patterns to pick from!

If you are a seasoned lingerie sewer and are looking for new patterns to try out, this list is for you as well.

I’ve rounded up 15 bra sewing patterns and 15 underwear sewing patterns. Here’s a quick shortcut to get to the section you’re interested in!

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Of course, more than 30 lingerie sewing patterns were released in 2019, but this post is incredibly picture heavy so I thought it would be wise to limit the number of patterns in this post. The patterns are listed in alphabetical order by pattern name.

15 Bra Sewing Patterns That Came Out in 2019

Black Beauty Bra in View B that I made.

Black Beauty Bra by Emerald Erin

The Black Beauty Bra Pattern is a highly anticipated pattern by Emerald Erin! The bra pattern is a balconette style that features a two-piece horizontal seam cup and an external power bar. The pattern can be made in two views. View A involves a fold over elastic finish and a double strap feature.

View B is meant for lace with picot elastic finish. Both options can be made with foam. The pattern pieces and instructions are provided along with the pattern for the foam lining.

This is probably one of my favorite pattern releases of the year. I really love the double strap detail of View A!

Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this pattern during the pattern testing phase, but all opinions are my own.

Sizes Available: 28B-40DD, 28E-40G

You can purchase the Black Beauty Bra Pattern in sizes 28B-40DD here.

You can purchase the Black Beauty Bra Pattern in sizes 28E-40G here.

Diamant Bra by Étoffee Malicieuse

The Diamant Bra is an underwired bra style with a three-piece cup. The upper cup is drafted for a scallop lace edge.

Note: The Pattern is in French.

Sizes Available: 80B-125H

You can purchase the Diamant Bra Pattern here.

Eve Bra Cup & Eve Bra Band by Porcelynne

The Eve Bra Cup and Eve Bra Band is NOT your traditional underwired bra pattern. The cups and band patterns are designed to be modular. You will purchase the cups pattern after you have determined your band size and wire size using the separate Eve Bra Band pattern (more on that below).

Sizes Available: 28-60 Wire, 28-52 Band

You can buy the Eve Bra Cup Pattern for Regular Wire here.

You can learn more about the Eve Classic Bra in this video here.

You can read about this unique approach to bra sizing and more about the pattern here.

The Eve Bra Band pattern by Porcelynne is sold separately from the cups pattern. As per the pattern maker:

The first stage in making your own bra is to determine what wire size and style you wear. To determine this, I recommend conducting a wire trace of your breast root. Once you have traced your breast root, compare your wire trace up to our wire charts (available in each wire listing). Select your band by using the form on the band product page, then create a fitting band for your wire. Once you have confirmed that your band and wire are the best match for you, you should then proceed to the cup pattern.

You can purchase the Eve Bra Band for Regular Wire pattern here.

Fierce Bra by Patterns for Pirates

The Fierce Bra is a wire-free strappy bra style. It’s a simple pullover bra style for everyday wear.

Sizes Available: XXS-Plus 5X

You can purchase the Fierce Bra Pattern here.

Havana Bralette by Evie la Luve

The Havana Bralette is a fun strappy bralette by Evie la Luve. The style features bust darts and can be made with a solid front or a contrast panel. You can also make the pattern with single or double straps.

Sizes Available: XXS-XXL

You can purchase the Havana Bralette pattern here.

Iris Bralette by Primrose Dawn Designs

The Iris Bralette is designed for stretch knits. It provides modest coverage and features vertical seamed cups and a sweetheart neckline. There are four front options and several back options. The bra and made made with a variety of finishing (picot elastic, foldover elastic, piping).

Sizes Available: Underbust 30-40”/76.2-101.6cm, Full bust 31-46”/78.7-116.8cm

You can purchase the Iris Bralette Pattern here.

Labellum Bra by Lilypa Designs

The Labellum Bra is an underwire bra style that comes in 50 sizes. You can choose between a 3-piece or 4-piece cup, standard or longline length and the option for tall side wings.

Sizes Available: 29″-42″ Bands, 5” – 12” Full/Underbust Difference, 4.0” – 7.1” Bottom Cup Depth

You can purchase the Labellum Bra Pattern here.

Lana Bra by Made for Mermaids

The Lana Bra Pattern is a soft wireless bra for everyday wear. The style can be made with all fabric, all lace, or with foam. There is also a nursing bra option.

Sizes Available: Underbust 28-42″ Cup sizes A-G

You can purchase the Lana Bra Pattern here.

Lexington Bra by Orange Lingerie

The Lexington Bra is Orange Lingerie’s first wire free bra pattern! Support is provided by the foam cups and side seam boning.

Sizes Available: 30A-40DD

You can purchase the Lexington Bra Pattern here.

Milla Bralette by Mood Fabrics (Free*)

The Milla Bralette is designed to be a versatile wardrobe piece: you can make it as a crop top to wear to festivals or you can use lingerie fabrics to make it as a bralette for everyday use!

*The pattern is *free* if you provide an email address.

Sizes Available: 2-30

You can learn more about getting the Milla Bralette here.

Rafele Bra by Hari Ito Lingerie

The Rafele Bra by Hari Ito Lingerie is a partial band underwire style with a cutout detail at the bridge area.

Sizes Available: 32A-40H, 40A-48H

You can purchase the Rafele Bra Pattern in sizes 32A-40H here.

You can purchase the Rafele Bra Pattern in sizes 40A-48H here.

Raquel Bralette by Madalynne Intimates (Free)

The Raquel Bralette is a free bralette pattern by Madalynne Intimates. The bra style features a fun cutout detail in the front.

Sizes Available: XS-3XL

You can get the Raquel Bralette Pattern for free here.

Triangle Bralette by Klaudia Prusinska (Free)

The Triangle Bralette or simply known as “Bralet” by the pattern designer is can be made with or without lining. It can be made as a pullover style or with a clasp in the back.

Sizes Available: XS-XL

You can get the Triangle Bralette Pattern for free here.

Véga Bralette by Eclipse Lingerie Studio

The Véga Bralette is a simple bralette style that can be made in a variety of fabrics.

Note: This pattern is in French but there are a lot of technical illustrations. You can also use Google Translate to help you navigate the instructions.

Sizes Available: 80 C – D – E / 85 B – C – D / 90 A – B – C – D – E / 95 A – B – C – D – E / 100 A – B – C – D – E / 105 A – B – C – D /  110 A – B – C

You can purchase the Véga Bralette Pattern in French here.

Zazie Bra by Zazie Patterns

The Zazie Bra is Zazie’s Pattern’s first underwire bra pattern. The style is a modern shape that features 3-piece cups. According to the designer, the Zazie is a mix between a balconette and longline bra style. You can make the style in three views and there are instructions on how to add cut and sew foam to the bra style as well.

Sizes Available: 28C-28H, 30B-30GG, 32A-32G, 34A-34FF, 36A-36F, 38A-38E, 40A-40DD, 42A-40D

You can purchase the Zazie Bra Pattern in English here.

You can purchase the Zazie Bra Pattern in Hungarian here.

15 Underwear Sewing Patterns That Came out in 2019

Betty Panties by Suco by Susana

The Betty Panties are a low rise hipster style with medium bum coverage. The style features 6 views, which will allow you to mix and match galloon lace with knit fabrics.

Sizes Available: XS-3XL

You can purchase the Betty Panties Pattern in English here.

You can purchase the Betty Panties Pattern in Portuguese here.

Cheryl Panty by Pin Up Girls

The Cheryl Panty Pattern features a back seam for extra shaping. It is a cross between a brief and a boy short style. It includes 5 view and can be made in two rises and a variety of finishes.

Sizes Available: 32″-54″ hip

You can purchase the Cheryl Panty Pattern here. (Note: this is a paper pattern.)

Dora Panties by Full Cups Lingerie

The Dora Panties Pattern is designed with a high cut leg style and a mid rise. The back features a unique V-Shaped cut out along with a ring detail. The font and back pattern pieces overlap as a design feature.

Sizes Available: XS-XXL

You can purchase the Dora Panties Pattern here

Franky Panty photo by JMB Pattern Design (taken from here).

Franky Panty by JMB Pattern Design (Free*)

The Franky Panty is a midrise medium coverage panty pattern by JMB Pattern Design.

Sizes Available: 34-44

You can get the Franky Panty pattern here. *Enter the code “FRANKY” to get this pattern for free.

Harriet Panties by Sew Uprising

The Harriet Panties Pattern is a modern style that features wrap around sides. You can opt for a full fabric option or a fabric font and full back lace option.

Sizes Available: 4-20

You can purchase the Harriet Panties Pattern here.

Hera Hot Pants by De Lingerie Academie

There isn’t a description about the Hera Hot Pants pattern anywhere, but from I can glean, it has a center front panel and you can make it with a wide waistband or a fold over elastic finish at the waist.

Sizes Available: S-XXL

Note: the pattern is currently available in Dutch only.

The Hera Hot Pants pattern can be purchased as a single size or multi-sized pattern. You can view all the options here.

Ivy Knickers by Sew Projects

The Ivy Knickers are a comfy everyday style featuring center front and back panels and stretch lace side panels. It can be made as a high-waisted style or classic rise.

Sizes Available: XXS-XXXL

You can purchase the Ivy Knickers Pattern here.

Penelope Panties by Daydream Patterns

The Penelope Panties Pattern are a comfy cheeky style. They are designed for scallop stretch lace and stretchy knit fabric. This style can be made in two rises: hipster rise and high-waisted.

Sizes Available: 6-24

You can purchase the Penelope Panties Pattern here.

Pippa Panty by Queen of Suburbia Pattern Company

The Pippa Panty is the first ever lingerie pattern published by Queen of Suburbia Pattern Company. It’s a cheeky style and can be made in two views. View A is an all stretch fabric style and View B has a stretchy back and a non-stretch front.

Sizes Available: 34″-47″ Full hip

You can purchase the Pippa Panty Pattern here.

Rose Underwear by Lavender Sewing Patterns

The Rose Underwear Pattern is a set of three underwear styles: cheeky hipster, high cheeky hipster and wide thong.

Sizes Available: 32-58

You can purchase the Rose Underwear Pattern here.

Sophie High Waisted Panties by Sew Swimmingly

The Sophie High Waisted Panties are a combination of a thong and boy short. The front panel is designed for a woven fabric.

Sizes Available: XS-XL

You can purchase the Sophie High Waisted Panties Pattern here.

Super Basic Underpants by Half Moon Atelier

The Super Basic Underpants by Half Moon Atelier are a full coverage style in the bum area with a low rise hipster cut in the front.

Sizes Available: 1-18

You can purchase the Super Basic Underpants Pattern here.

Trixie Briefs by Jennifer Lauren Handmade

The Trixie Briefs is a full coverage knicker style. You can make the pattern with a modern hipster cut or high-waisted style. You can also make it in the classic view or paneled view.

Sizes Available: 6-24

You can purchase the Trixie Briefs pattern here.

Vera Panties in Version 3 by me.

Vera Panties by Studio Costura Shop

The Vera Panties Pattern is a low rise bikini style and can be made in three views. Version 1 is an all-fabric option and version 2 is designed to show off scallop lace edges. Version 3 is a lacy, strappy option.

Sizes Available: 34-46

You can purchase the Vera Panties Pattern in English here.

You can purchase the Vera Panties Pattern in Spanish here.

Wendy Knickers by Wicked Patterns

The Wendy Knickers features a ton of options. It comes in multiple rises and coverages and there are over 20 combinations available.

Sizes Available: XS-5XL

You can purchase the Wendy Knickers Pattern here.

Final Notes

There you have it! 30 Lingerie Sewing Patterns that came out in 2019. I have to say: I love how there are so many lingerie pattern options now! When I first started sewing lingerie five years ago, there were not nearly this many pattern options!

IMHO this is currently a really great time to get into sewing your own lingerie! There are now so many supplies shops, patterns, and resources on this topic.

If you are a beginner lingerie sewist and find this list overwhelming, I would suggest checking out this short and sweet list of Five Free Underwear Sewing Patterns that I wrote as a guest post on Maker Style’s blog.

Hungry for more lingerie sewing patterns? Check out these other lists of lingerie patterns that I have compiled:

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