Lilac and Leather: Leather Vest and Tweed Shorts

May 16, 2013

Leather Vest Tweed Shorts

There is something unexpectedly delightful about pairing leather with tweed. It is like pairing two unlikely foods and getting a serendipitous explosion of flavors that complement each other harmoniously. Kind of like eating cream cheese with jelly (on a bread roll). In fact, I happen to think that cream cheese is jelly’s soulmate. (Sorry, peanut butter.)

Leather Vest

Materials Used: Leather (Shell & Piping), Silk Charmeuse (Lining)
Design By: Tailor Made
Pattern Drafted/Draped By:
Tailor Made and Joy
Construction By: Tailor Made

Tweed Shorts
Materials Used: Silk Tweed
Design By: Joy
Pattern Drafted/Draped By: Joy
Constructed By: Joy

Leather Vest and Tweed Shorts

This look was not in our initial design line-up. Instead, it is a byproduct of several last-minute design changes. Originally, the leather vest was supposed to be a leather jacket with long sleeves. We nixed the jacket idea, because we were not confident we would be able to design and sew an entire leather jacket (both of us never having worked with leather before).  The tweed shorts were also meant to be paired with a different top.

I’ve come to realize that when designing pieces in a collection, one needs to embrace the possibility of making adjustments and changes. Not all of the designs will come out exactly as they appear in your head. Sometimes you may end up with an even more beautiful product by being adaptable and flexible.

Leather Vest Detail

Modeled By: Katie B.


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