The Complete Guide to Bra Making

The Complete Guide to Bra Making Tailor Made Shop

One of the most common questions I get on my shop is “How do I get started in Bra Making?” My usual response is to direct the person to join the Bra Makers Group – Beginners to Intermediate (a Facebook group where people share their bra projects, tips on fit, and patterns and resources). I also direct them to sign up for Beverly Johnson‘s wonderful class: Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit.

Obviously that is not the most comprehensive answer and I thought I could do better. So I decided to assemble this guide. I hope this series is helpful to anyone who is looking to get into Bra Making and I hope it is still a useful resource for those of us who are more advanced bra makers!

The Complete Guide to Bra Making

I. The Complete List of Bra Making Classes (Online)
II. The Complete List of Bra Making Classes (In Person)
III. Where to Buy Bra Making Supplies (Online)
IV. Where to Buy Bra Making Supplies (In New York City)
V. Bra Making Tools Checklists (Lite & Expanded Versions)
VI. 25 Underwire Bra Patterns to Get You Started in Bra Making
VII. 25 Soft Bra Patterns to Get You Started in Bra Making
VIII. 10 Bra Making Blogs You Should be Reading

In the coming weeks, I will publish the posts in this guide and link them to this page for easy reference. If you have any suggestions on what topics to cover or what needs improvement, feel free to share in the comments below!

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  1. I’m interested in designing my own bra but I’m not a sewer. Could your bra making classes with Beverly be helpful for someone like me that just wants an intro to bra making as well as bra patterns and not necessarily making a bra at this s stage? I would probably have a friend sew for me.

    1. Hi Noor, if you are only interested in the design aspect of bras it may be more helpful to study ready-to-wear bras in stores for ideas and inspiration. You can also buy inexpensive bras or ones on sale and take apart to study the pattern pieces. Beverly’s Construction + Fit class will cover how to make an underwire bra, but not pattern drafting. She covers basic pattern alterations based on the bra pattern she uses. Her more advance classes are also more pattern alternations to the existing pattern and less from making a pattern from scratch. There are also now more indie bra patterns out there and I’m sure you can find something that fits your style with small tweaks to the pattern. Does your friend already know how to sew lingerie? If not, she may benefit from the class more. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Ying!
    I got a few gorgeous kits from your shop with scuba and sheet cup lining – i’m using a self drafted pattern that is similar to the marlborough bra. I keep having issues with the scuba either stretching or somehow being larger than the lining fabric even though i’m cutting them using the same pattern pieces which is resulting in a bra with lining that fits but an outer layer that is bunching and not laying flat with the lining. Any tips on how to solve this problem?

    1. Hi Laura,

      Do you spray baste the scuba to the sheer cup lining? The scuba is stretchy so it can grow a little but to solve that problem, I often spray baste the self to the lining with 505 Adhesive Spray. I don’t have a growing problem when I do that.

      Hope that helps!


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