10 Bra Making Blogs You Should Be Reading

May 2, 2017

The Complete Guide to Bra Making 10 Bra Making Blogs You Should Be REading

Welcome to the eighth post of “The Complete Guide to Bra Making” series. This post contains a list of 10 bra making blogs you should definitely check out if you are interested in getting started with bra making. These are all blogs that I consider to be invaluable resources.

This list is arranged in alphabetical order.

This post contains affiliate links.

Beautiful mint green bra by Cloth Habit.

Cloth Habit

Amy of Cloth Habit is the pattern maker behind the popular Watson Bra and Harriet Bra patterns. Her blog is an amazing resource for lingerie sewing inspiration and bra making tutorials and techniques.

Some of my favorite posts from Amy’s blog are as follow:


Snow white bra by Emerald Erin.

Emerald Erin

Erin of Emerald Erin challenged herself to make a bra a week for 52 weeks straight in 2016. As a result, she learned a lot about bra making along the way and she chooses to share her wealth of experience and knowledge in a blog series she dubs as “Bra Theory“. Erin’s lingerie makes are also drool-worthy and serve as wonderful bra making inspiration.

Erin also owns an Etsy shop where she sells lingerie sewing materials. Check out her shop here.

Some of my favorite posts from Erin’s blog are as follow:


Esme Panties Pattern Hack video tutorial by Evie la Luve

Evie la Luve

Is vlogging more your speed? Then Hannah of Evie la Luve has you covered. Hannah makes beautifully edited videos that cover a number of lingerie sewing topics. She has videos on panties construction, how to construct bra straps, how to sew fold over elastic and more!

Hannah also owns an Etsy shop where she sells her own lingerie sewing pattern line and lingerie sewing supplies. Check out her shop here.

Some of my favorite videos by Hannah are as follow:


Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit with Beverly Johnson

The Fairy Bra Mother

Beverly Johnson (Fairy Bra Mother) is the instructor for all the amazing bra making classes on Craftsy. Her class, Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit is the foundational course that I recommend to all beginner bra makers. But did you know that she also maintains a blog called The Fairy Bra Mother? On her blog, Beverly shares bra making tips and tutorials–some of which are not found in her Craftsy classes.

Some of my favorite posts from Beverly’s blog are as follow:


Starry Marlborough Bra by Lladybird


Okay, Lauren of Lladybird doesn’t strictly run a bra making blog. However, I really appreciate that she took the time to share what she learned from bra making in the following posts. They are really great visual resources for a beginner bra maker.

Check out the following posts by Lauren:


Black Scallop Lace Bra & Underwear Set by Madalynne


Maddie of Madalynne runs a sewing blog, but in the last few years her focus has shifted to bra making. Her blog has great visual bra making tutorials as well as inspiring lingerie makes.

Some of my favorite posts from Maddie’s blog are as follow:


Some of Merckwaerdigh’s patterns.


Margreet of Merckwaerdigh runs a shop that sells her own lingerie patterns and lingerie sewing supplies. Her blog offers bra sewing tips and tricks and an interesting series covering the development of a new (bra) sewing pattern.

Check out Margreet’s shop here.

Some of my favorite posts from Margreet’s blog are as follow:


Celeste panties by Ohhh Lulu Lingerie

Ohhh Lulu Lingerie

Sarah of Ohhh Lulu Lingerie runs both a lingerie pattern line and a handmade lingerie line. On her blog, you can find lingerie sewing tips and inspiration. But wait! There’s more. Sarah also runs a Youtube Channel where she shows you how to sew up her patterns and how to pattern hack them. While these tutorials are specific to her patterns, the skills taught are applicable to other bra patterns.

Check out her lingerie pattern shop here.

Check out her handmade lingerie shop here.

Some of my favorite posts from Sarah’s blog are as follows:


Two Ways to Use Lace for the Fenway Bra by Orange Lingerie

Orange Lingerie

Norma of Orange Lingerie is a lingerie pattern maker who specializes in modern, chic bra patterns. She also maintains a blog where she posts bra making tips and tricks and ways to modify and pattern hack her bra patterns. Her Marlborough Bra and Boylston Bra patterns are well loved by the bra making community.

Some of my favorite posts from Norma’s blog are as follow:


Black strappy bra by Very Purple Person

Very Purple Person

Novita of Very Purple Person actually writes a sewing blog. However, her bra makes are some of the earliest that I stumbled upon when I first started researching bra making. I was blown away by the fact that it’s possible to sew your own bras that practically look store bought. Novita’s blog is great for gathering bra making inspiration. She also makes detailed notes about her pattern alterations and she models her bra projects, which is really helpful for gauging the fit of various bra patterns.

Some of my favorite posts from Novita’s blog are as follow:


Final Notes

These days, there are more and more blogs covering bra making. However, if you are a beginner and don’t want to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of blog posts out there, this list of 10 blogs should get you started.

Happy Sewing!


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