Jordy Bralette – Materials Guide & Inspiration

Hi everyone! I’m excited that Tailor Made Shop will be the supplies sponsor for the August Edition of #SewMyStyle2019! The theme for August is Lingerie, which is a perfect fit for the shop.

About #SewMyStyle2019

#SewMyStyle2019 is a monthly sewing challenge that’s held on Instagram and Facebook. Each month, there is a specific theme and participants will make a garment that’s related to that theme. Usually there is a choice of 2-3 discounted patterns (or in some months, participants can choose their own pattern in addition to the discounted patterns!). The finished garments are all then all revealed on the same day. Prizes are also given away to make the challenge even more fun!

To learn more about #SewMyStyle2019 or Project Sew My Style in general, I encourage you to check out the following posts:

I have put together a materials list for the Jordy Bralette, one of the two selected patterns for the Lingerie themed sewing month! The other pattern is the Power Sports Bra Pattern by Greenstyle Creations.

Erin of the Emerald Erin already has a fantastic materials suggestion list published on the pattern itself, but I thought it would be fun to expound on the materials list and give you more ideas/inspirations to get more out of your Jordy Bralette pattern! In particular, I wanted to focus on the foam-lined view and its versatility! 

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