Lingerie Sewing Planner

Hi guys! I’m so excited to present the Lingerie Sewing Planner!

I mainly developed it as a tool to help participants of  the #TMCollaBRAtory program plan their projects for the year. The planner contains pages for the following: 

  • Inspiration
  • Goals
  • Measurements
  • Lingerie Stitches Guide 
  • Project Plans
  • Notes

There is room for 16 projects total! I’m not planning on carrying inventory so I self-published them through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. That means you can order a copy and Amazon will print and put one together for you! What’s really cool about this is that you can order this book on or or depending on where you are located! This will allow you to order and get the book printed and shipped more locally to save on postage costs! 🙌

Currently you can get the book on:

That being said, you DON’T have to buy one. The two most useful pages, the Project Plan and Lingerie Stitches Reference are available for free.

I do want to say it was a super fun project for me to put together and I am now itching to do a version for swimwear sewing and activewear sewing. If you do end up purchasing a copy for yourself or gifting one to someone else (because it would make a hecking cute gift!) I would love your feedback to help improve it so I can make the swimwear sewing and activewear sewing versions even better! 🙌

If you end up getting a copy, I just want to say THANK YOU! 🥰