DIY: Sorbet Watson

Watson Bra Pastels Sorbet Tailor Made Shop
Watson Bra Pastels Sorbet Tailor Made Shop
Watson Bra Sorbet Pastels Tailor Made Shop

This is another quickie sewing project for gifting purposes: a sorbet Watson. This will probably be my last Watson Bra for a while…time to focus on some selfish sewing for myself. I have a few back to basics sewing projects lined up that I can’t wait to work on!

What’s on your sewing table?

Bra Pattern: Watson Bra by Cloth Habit
Fabric (Self): Pale Blue and Apricot Lace from Tailor Made Shop
Fabric (Lining): Mesh from Spandex House
Elastic (Shoulder Straps): Shindo Elastic from Tailor Made Shop
Elastic (Armholes): Picot Edge Elastic from Daytonna Trimmings
Elastic (Band): ArteCrafts
Hook & Eye: Merckwaerdigh

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      1. Oh, that would be great! I tried to enclose the seams in one of my Watsons, but I’m not happy with the result… I could use a little help! 😉

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