DIY: Sorbet Watson

Watson Bra Pastels Sorbet Tailor Made Shop
Watson Bra Pastels Sorbet Tailor Made Shop
Watson Bra Sorbet Pastels Tailor Made Shop

This is another quickie sewing project for gifting purposes: a sorbet Watson. This will probably be my last Watson Bra for a while…time to focus on some selfish sewing for myself. I have a few back to basics sewing projects lined up that I can’t wait to work on!

What’s on your sewing table?

Bra Pattern: Watson Bra by Cloth Habit
Fabric (Self): Pale Blue and Apricot Lace from Tailor Made Shop
Fabric (Lining): Mesh from Spandex House
Elastic (Shoulder Straps): Shindo Elastic from Tailor Made Shop
Elastic (Armholes): Picot Edge Elastic from Daytonna Trimmings
Elastic (Band): ArteCrafts
Hook & Eye: Merckwaerdigh

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DIY: Watson Bra in Cream and Aqua

Watson Bra in Cream and Aqua
Watson Bra in Cream and Aqua
Watson Bra in Cream and Aqua

The Watson Bra is the ideal quickie project when you’re looking to whip up a bra with minimal fuss. Here’s one in cream with aqua details that I made quickly for a co-worker who is leaving. Best of luck, C!

Bra Pattern: Watson Bra by Cloth Habit
Fabric (Self): White Lace w/ Silver Threads from Tailor Made Shop
Fabric (Lining): Power Mesh from Stylish Fabrics
Elastics (Shoulder Straps): Shindo Elastic from Tailor Made Shop
Elastics (Armholes): Picot Edge Elastic from Daytonna Trimmings
Hardware: Silver Rings & Sliders from Tailor Made Shop

Tailor Made Shop New Arrivals

In other news, I’ve added some new arrivals to my shop! I’ve added 6 new laces in custom dyed colors and 2 new elastics! Click here to shop.

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DIY: Skull Necklaces

DIY Skull Necklace Co-worker’s DIY Necklace (The Original)

Once upon a time, my coworker made this awesome layered skull necklace. She wore it to work a couple of times and made a number of colleagues (myself included) extremely covetous of it. A while back, I asked her if she could show me where to buy the materials and if I could knock it off. She said yes on both accounts. 🙂

DIY Skull Necklace My take on the skull necklace

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DIY: Marlborough Bra in Black/Silver/Lilac

Marlborough Bra Orange Lingerie DIY Handmade Lingerie Bramaking

Here’s a quick weekend update with my latest bra project: a Marlborough Bra in Black and Silver Lace with Lilac accents. For this particular Marlborough, I adjusted the style lines of the cup. I eliminated the power bar and created a horizontal cup seam with split lower cups.

What do you think of this adjustment? Share in the comments below.

Bra Pattern: Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie
Fabric (Self): Black & Silver Lace from Tailor Made Shop
Fabric (Lining): Gray Mesh (gifted by a friend)
Elastics (Shoulder Straps): Shindo Elastic from Tailor Made Shop
Elastics (Armholes): Picot Edge Elastic from Daytonna Trimmings
Elastics (Bra Band): Merckwaerdigh
Hardware: Silver Rings & Sliders from Tailor Made Shop
Other Notions: Channeling from Pacific Trimming

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Tailor Made Shop Launch & Giveaway

One of my biggest dreams in life is to become rich enough to buy all the fabric stores in the world and fill them with cats and roll around in them all day. Short of that, I’ve decided to open an online fabric shop!
Tailor Made Shop Etsy Online Fabric Shop

Tailor Made Shop is a curation of fabrics, notions, or trims that I find interesting or beautiful. Hopefully you are as excited about my findings as I am! In addition to handpicked items, I am also leveraging my industry experience to develop special sewing goodies that are exclusive to my shop. (UPDATE 6/4: We are shipping worldwide!)

tailor made shop giveaway

To celebrate the launch of my online shop, I am doing a giveaway!

I will be giving away the following:

1.5 YD of Pale Pink Stretch Lace
1.5YD of White Stretch Lace (dyeable!)
2 YDS of White Pleated Elastic
1 YD of Blossom Shindo Elastic
1 YD of Aqua Shindo Elastic
1 Set of White Matte Enamel Rings & Sliders (specially developed with a supplier!)
1 Set of Black Matte Enamel Rings & Sliders (specially developed with a supplier!)

How to Enter

To enter, simply leave a comment below with your contact information and what you want to make with the above goodies. The giveaway is open internationally.

Bonus Entries

Follow @desimages on instagram +1 entry
Follow @tailormadeshop on instagram + 1 entry
Regram the giveaway on instagram (be sure to tag @desimages and @tailormadeshop) +1 entry

Follow @tailormadeblog on twitter +1 entry
Follow @tailormadeshop on twitter +1 entry
Retweet the giveaway +1 entry

Good luck! The giveaway ends on June 15th 11:59PM EST. A winner will be announced on June 16th.

Tailor Made Shop Discount Promo Code
I am also offering a promotional discount to celebrate the launch of the shop. Enter promo code “SEWGOOD” for 10% off your purchase. Discount is valid until June 15th 11:59PM EST.

Happy shopping!

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Why Bra-Making?

Recently, I can’t help but notice that there is a flurry of interest in sewing bras. My curiosity is piqued, so I am posing a question to you all: why bra-making?

why bramaking watson bra in cream silkWatson Bra in Cream Silk & Embroidered Lace 

Sewaholic: First and foremost, I was inspired to take a bra-making class after reading Tasia’s write-up of Johanne Brousseau’s Bra-Making Class at A Great Notion. Bonus: I took the very same class and I found that everyone in it signed up because of Tasia’s post.

Fit and Lack of Options: To date, I have never seen a 30AA bra in the wild. The closest fit is 30A, but I have trouble filling out the cups and the underwire is often too small for my broad frame. 30A is a fringe size for most retailers, so  design options are pretty limited and lackluster. Sewing my own bras meant that I could control the design, material, fit, construction, etc.

So why bra-making? Is it due to the increasing accessibility and availability of bra-making resources? Is your bra size impossible to find at the retail level? Were you inspired by a certain blogger? Share in the comments below!

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DIY: Mallori Lane in Black and Silver


I took a long hiatus from my blog, because I was no longer sure about the content I was generating. It took a while, but I think I now know what direction I want to take this blog. In the coming weeks, you will definitely see a marked shift from a fashion blog to one focusing on the development of a core style with a strong DIY flavor. 

Madalynne Mallori Lane Bra Black Silver DIY Bra-MakingIf you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I’ve made quite a few Marlborough Bras and Watson Bras by now. I was ready to try a new bra(lette) style and Madalynne‘s release of her Mallori Lane Bralette pattern could not have been more perfectly timed!

Construction for this bralette style is very straight forward (made even easier by the fact that I eliminated the longline band). Unlike the original instructions, I opted to finish the top and bottom edges using fold-over elastic. I did not trim away any allowance before applying the fold-over elastic, so the bra has more coverage.

Madalynne Mallori Lane Bra Black Silver DIY Bra-Making

The only issue I ran into with this style is getting the side seams to lay flat on the body when worn. The side seams are stabilized with channeling, as instructed by the pattern so I’m not sure if it is a sewing issue or if the side seam needs more support in the form of soft boning.

If you have any ideas on how to get the side seams to lay flatter on the body, I would love to hear your suggestions.


Bra Pattern: Mallori Lane by Madalynne (free downloadable pattern)

Fabric (Self): Black & Silver Lace from my shop (coming soon!)

Fabric (Lining): Power Net from Merckwaerdigh

Elastics (Shoulder Straps): Shindo Elastic from my shop (coming soon!)

Elastics (Back Straps): Satin Elastic from Vardhmam Inc.

Elastics (Top Edge & Bottom Edge): Foldover Elastic from Daytona Trimmings

Hardware: Silver Rings & Sliders from my shop (coming soon!)

Other Notions: Channeling (used to stabilize side seams) from Pacific Trimming

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DIY: Black Lace Marlborough Bra


As mentioned in this post, I will be making a lot of Marlborough Bras in the coming weeks. This one is a belated birthday gift for my co-worker. Her favorite color is purple so I dyed the elastics in that color to use as a pop of color against the black lace.


Sizing: I cut a 34A for her. Her measurements are as follow:

Underbust: 30″
Bust: 34″
Overbust: 33″

The bra ended up fitting perfectly with no adjustments needed.


For more coverage, I lined the bra with black stretch mesh. I will probably be lining all lacy bras in the future. It makes the finishing much more clean.


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