August 4th 2017 Edition // Lingerie Sewing – Weekend Roundup

August 4th 2017 Lingerie Sewing Weekend Round Up Latest news and makes and sewing projects from the lingerie sewing bra making community

Welcome to the August 4th, 2017 edition of Lingerie Sewing: Weekend Round Up!

The Lingerie Sewing: Weekend Roundup is a curation of a few projects/ongoing events in the lingerie making community. It’s a quick catch up for you to enjoy over the weekend with a cup of coffee or tea. If you want to be part of the weekend roundup, shoot me an email at thetailormadeblog[@] with links to your instagram, blog post, or just photos if you don’t have a blog and I’ll be sure to include your work!

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Pink Multi Floral Noelle Swimwear Bottom

Floral Noelle Swimwear Panty Bottom Tailor Made Shop

Guys, I made swimwear! Well, I just made the bottom (because I couldn’t decide which of my bra patterns I want to use for the top), but I’ve finally forayed into swimwear sewing!

Floral Noelle Swimwear Panty Bottom Tailor Made Shop

The elastic application turned out a bit wavy at the leg openings but I’m sure it will be less so after pressing.

How about you? Have you sewn swimwear yet? Do you have plans to do so? Share in the comments below!

Pattern: Noelle Panty by Madalynne (free pattern!)
Materials: Swimwear Kit from Tailor Made Shop

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DIY Blue Floral Hi Waisted Panties w/ Strappy Detail

Blue Floral DIY Hi Waisted Pantie Underwear Tailor Made Shop

Remember how I mentioned that I am warming up to the idea of hi waisted underwear in this post? Well, I am a convert now! I drafted and sewed up a few pairs and they look amazing on!

Blue Floral DIY Hi Waisted Pantie Underwear Tailor Made Shop

This hi waisted style is self drafted. You also probably know by now that I am a fan of strappy details, so it’s no surprise that I worked some in on this design.

Blue Floral DIY Hi Waisted Pantie Underwear Tailor Made Shop

How about you? Do you like hi waisted underwear?

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Types of Underwear Infographic

Underwear Infographic Tailor Made

Just for fun, I whipped up this infographic on Adobe Illustrator on a Thursday night, whilst drinking Angry Orchard Cider.

Personally, I only wear bikinis and boybriefs (I pretty much do all my underwear shopping at Aerie).

Hi-Waisted underwear has been making a comeback, and I’m warming up to the idea of them. I mean, look at all these pretty hi waisted options out there. I might have to start adding some to my underwear collection. 😉

What about you? What is your preferred underwear cut?


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DIY: McCall’s 5525 Trench Vest

McCalls 5525 Trench Vest DIY Sewing

Pattern Used: McCall’s Patterns M5525

The McCall’s 5525 Trench Coat pattern has been sitting in my sewing stash for at least four years now, and I recently unearthed it in my search for good base pattern for a sleeveless trench topper. I used a light blue silk/cotton faille in my stash to make a mock-up and it turned out to be wearable so I finished it properly with a striped polyester lining.

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Bra Making with Madalynne Photo Recap

Bra Making with MadalynneMadalynne Studios: The Sewing Space

This past Saturday, Madalynne hosted a bra making workshop in her beautiful studio in Philadelphia. Students made a full band bra (Pin-Up Girls Classic) and enjoyed catering from New Old Fashioned and a fun aromatherapy session with The Parlour. I spent the day photographing the event along with Jessica Maida (who’s actually the professional photographer) and hanging about the studio as a volunteer.

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DIY: Skull Necklaces

DIY Skull Necklace Co-worker’s DIY Necklace (The Original)

Once upon a time, my coworker made this awesome layered skull necklace. She wore it to work a couple of times and made a number of colleagues (myself included) extremely covetous of it. A while back, I asked her if she could show me where to buy the materials and if I could knock it off. She said yes on both accounts. 🙂

DIY Skull Necklace My take on the skull necklace

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Why Bra-Making?

Recently, I can’t help but notice that there is a flurry of interest in sewing bras. My curiosity is piqued, so I am posing a question to you all: why bra-making?

why bramaking watson bra in cream silkWatson Bra in Cream Silk & Embroidered Lace 

Sewaholic: First and foremost, I was inspired to take a bra-making class after reading Tasia’s write-up of Johanne Brousseau’s Bra-Making Class at A Great Notion. Bonus: I took the very same class and I found that everyone in it signed up because of Tasia’s post.

Fit and Lack of Options: To date, I have never seen a 30AA bra in the wild. The closest fit is 30A, but I have trouble filling out the cups and the underwire is often too small for my broad frame. 30A is a fringe size for most retailers, so  design options are pretty limited and lackluster. Sewing my own bras meant that I could control the design, material, fit, construction, etc.

So why bra-making? Is it due to the increasing accessibility and availability of bra-making resources? Is your bra size impossible to find at the retail level? Were you inspired by a certain blogger? Share in the comments below!

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DIY: Black Lace Marlborough Bra


As mentioned in this post, I will be making a lot of Marlborough Bras in the coming weeks. This one is a belated birthday gift for my co-worker. Her favorite color is purple so I dyed the elastics in that color to use as a pop of color against the black lace.


Sizing: I cut a 34A for her. Her measurements are as follow:

Underbust: 30″
Bust: 34″
Overbust: 33″

The bra ended up fitting perfectly with no adjustments needed.


For more coverage, I lined the bra with black stretch mesh. I will probably be lining all lacy bras in the future. It makes the finishing much more clean.


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